Yoga &
Meditation Classes

Daily activity in the morning for all the patients to practice Yoga and Meditation techniques.

With our trained Yoga practitioner all the patients are made to practice Yoga every day in the morning. Audio clips are also played during the silent hour class for the patients to help them in their recovery process. Yoga and Meditation is one of the main stress busters today and hence it is made compulsory for the patients to attend and practice them. This gives the patients a good sleep during the night without depending on medications.


Our effective 90 days treatment program will ensure that the patients get recovered.

We administer medicines in certain cases, do regular blood pressure and weight check-up. For patients who are already diabetic or has symptoms of diabetes, blood samples are collected and sent to our hi-tech laboratories for check-up. With the constant cooperation of both the parents/guardian and the patients our treatment has been effective so far. We also supplement with nature foods during the course of treatment


Training Program &
Motivation Classes

We provide an exhaustive training program about alcoholism and drug addiction.

We conduct regular motivation classes to our patients. Our inhouse training program is made in such a way that it will not make the patients isolated and give them more courage and mental strength to face the real world once they get discharged. We also encourage follow up program for those patients who require support even after our regular 90 days treatment is over.


Our experience has shown that liquor drinking is not just a disease but also require a constant one to one counselling with our expert counsellors.

The Liquor Drinker will be given complete counselling where they can discuss one to one all their problems. We also arrange psychiatric counselling for those who are affected on a case to case basis. Counselling is also given to both parent/guardian and the patient while getting discharged about the steps that need to be followed and to lead a life free of addiction.

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