Yoga Centre in Coimbatore

Inhale the peace and exhale the stress!

With specialized yoga professionals at Yoga Centre in Coimbator, the patients will learn the best yoga practices every morning. The yoga practiced at our Centre will give you a peaceful and fresh lifestyle. These practices also play a major role in patients’ lives in their recovery processes. Patients must discharge their anxiety using yoga and meditation as the best stress busters. This effective practice will provide better sleep and stress-free life activities. Feel free to connect with our dedicated team to achieve a clean life.


Our effective 90 days treatment program will ensure that the patients get recovered.

We administer medicines in certain cases, do regular blood pressure and weight check-up. For patients who are already diabetic or has symptoms of diabetes, blood samples are collected and sent to our hi-tech laboratories for check-up. With the constant cooperation of both the parents/guardian and the patients our treatment has been effective so far. We also supplement with nature foods during the course of treatment


Drug Rehab Centre in Coimbatore

The best drug rehabilitation treatment at Covai Care Centre offers an extensive course of services that are beneficial for well-being and a healthy life. The drug rehab centre in Coimbatore is one of the top-notch drug rehab centres in Coimbatore. We provide our patients with friendly, safe, and loving connections and offer an effective recovery. The entire program is essentially handled by proper medication and assistance.

Our drug rehabilitation treatment aims to empower patients to walk away from alcoholism and recover from their miserable life. The treatment instills the importance of an alcohol-free life and advises them about the negativity of alcoholism.

Counselling Centre in Coimbatore

The counseling Centre in Coimbatore is an important part of the Covai Care Centre, where we use the best advice to help you stop drinking. We let you understand the importance of well-being and lead a successful life. Our expert counselors are here to stand by your health and give you a bright future. Additionally, we provide Yoga & Counseling in Coimbatore offered by excellent therapists. 

At the Counseling Centre in Coimbatore, our experts are available 24 hours a day with quality guidance whenever you need it. We proceed with a deep understanding of your health and provide better support for effective recovery.

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