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I was an alcoholic myself now sober for more than a decade, and felt the strong need for isolating liquor drinkers during the initial period of withdrawal symptoms and  started this rehabilitation with my own experience. My motto is to create awareness among the public about bad effects of liquor drinking and providing initial support and recovery of the disease.

Many patients under my guidance and with the effective treatment and support provided by this center have gone home healthy. We also organize regular camps and awareness program in the city about the bad effects of liquor drinking.

Dr Manuel,

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No two days are the
same here

Covai care Center was born out of the foresight and determination of Dr Manuel. Providing the base for Sobriety for both alcoholics and drug addicts.

Great Staff

Our carers respond every time with a big warm smile.


We monitor the activities of the inmates 24/7.


We have handled 500+ recovered people.


Meditation and Counseling are regular.

Great Staff

Our Carers

Our carers love what they do, and that's what makes them so special.

We provide a complete 90-day treatment program. During the course of their treatment we monitor the patient activities using our remote monitoring systems 24/7. Since no medicine can completely cure on liquor drinking, our treatment program is broadly classified into group therapies and class room training. The main thing required for any liquor drinker is to come out of the first thought of going for the next drink. Hence, we have capsuled our program in such a way that it will take them towards the path of recovery.

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